Children's Resources

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Other Resources and Links:

Knights of Columbus "Beyond the Chambers" June, 2020 newsletter. Read what your Council has been up to! click here

Sunday Video Masses by our Pastor:

Prayer: Pray As You Stay:   The Jesuits have put together an audio series that combines the day's scripture, silent time for reflection, questions to ponder and music. Each day has a theme which relates to what we may be experiencing during this pandemic.

Study: Bishop Barron: Daily Mass and several spiritual talks to choose from:


Leisure:  YouTube movies: Choose a matinee a day from the free full length Encourage TV movie list:


Daily updates from the Archbishop and all Diocesan news:

For services to help seniors live independent and full lives:

Free resources for Lent, Holy Week, and beyond during this pandemic, including activities for families. click here

St. Vincent de Paul, Holy Week  click here



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