commencing Sunday, Feb. 7th, 9am to 10am


For those who cannot attend an indoor Mass, the provincial regulations do permit an outdoor service.  As such, I will be distributing Holy Communion outdoors on Sundays between 9:00am and 10:00am beginning on Sunday, February 7th.  For those coming, please follow these procedures:


1.     You must come in a vehicle (no walk-ups). All occupants of the car must wear masks and must remain in the vehicle.


2.     Drive to the side door entrance of the church.  When I see you, I will step out of the church.  


3.      If there is a vehicle ahead of you, please do not come any closer than two metres to it as this is a provincial requirement.  If there are several cars already waiting in line, consider parking in the lot until one vehicle leaves.


4.      I will approach the vehicle at the side door entrance and distribute Holy Communion through the windows to each occupant.  I will be wearing a mask and the communicants must keep their masks on as well during the distribution.


5.      Once everyone has received the Host in their hands, I will step back; then you may lower your masks to immediately consume the Host in view of me.  Do not drive off before consuming the Host.  You cannot receive a Host to take away to others not with you.


5.      After Holy Communion, I will give the occupants of the vehicle a blessing.


6.      Then immediately leave so that other vehicles may approach.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.


Father Lindsay Harrison

The Parish Office remains closed until further notice.

Telephone messages and emails will be answered.

If you or someone you know needs Anointing of the Sick, individual Confession, or has another pressing pastoral need I am available.

Simply call the office (613-829-1760).

Keep well, God bless,

Fr. Lindsay Harrison



During the lockdown, if you would like to pick up your Collection Envelope box for 2021, please contact the Parish Office

at 613-829-1760.  Alternatively, we can make arrangements to deliver the box to you.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to deliver to apartment or condo buildings.



    Beware of email and text message scams allegedly coming from me and asking for a favour. Do not respond to them and instead notify the parish office. Unfortunately these types of scams will probably be on the rise. My apologies that such things are happening.


Fr. Lindsay

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