Our Lady of Victory

1175 Soderlind Street
Ottawa, ON 
K2C 3B3
Phone: 613-828-5594
Fax: 613-828-5236
Email:  OurLady.Victory@ocsb.ca

St. John the Apostle

30 Costello Avenue
Nepean, ON

K2H 7C5
Phone: 613-828-0644
Fax: 613-828-2216

Email: John.Apostle@ocsb.ca

St. John XXIII

165 Knoxdale Road
Nepean, ON
K2G 1B1
Phone: 613-226-6223
Fax: 613-226-3287

Email:  John.XXIII@ocsb.ca

St. Paul High School

2675 Draper Avenue

Ottawa, ON

K2H 7A1

Phone: 613-820-9705

Fax: 613-820-9390

Email: Paul.High@ocsb.ca